A Nation of Cleopatras

The internet has leveled another behemoth. 10 years ago, I thought it might render college, brick & mortar stores, & music moot. Now it’s taken out a dictator, who in the age of free-flowing information, thought it would be a good idea to be 82, unchallenged, & draconian in “disciplining” his people. Does Mubarak even have a computer?

But the thing I’m concerned with is what’s next—is this a move for little boys in robes & beards to destroy the heathen temptresses’ torture of their little souls? What is the future for girls & women in the Middle East?

The King of Jordan has already dismissed his government as a preemptive strike. The autocrats in Iran won’t last another ten years (well, ok, I’m an optimist). It could even be argued the neocons were right about one thing (& one thing only)—putting a democratic government in Iraq sure hasn’t hurt the feelings of the democratic-minded next generation in Arabia.

But I always wondered about Iraq, in terms of post-Saddam elections—will it just become another extremist Islamic state? & what happens with Egypt now, especially since something called the “Muslim Brotherhood” is priming itself to take over?

Why are women so feared in every religion? (Other than the rules being written by ancient, sometimes ignorant men, of course). Why is skin seen as the sheath to sin? Are we this poorly developed as human beings that we must be protected from such temptation, lest we become animals?

If you’re going to be truly spiritual, I would think your thoughts would eventually lead you to two things—1)My brain is given to me by (Allah, Yahweh, Christ, Xenu, Einstein, Nature, or Jim Morrison)…so therefore, I might need to use it to cast a critical eye at books written in the name of “god”, by someone “divinely inspired” (there were no asylums back then), back when men thought the sun was their friend or enemy. Our God-given brain is meant to be critical & sharp…it really is our only defense. 2)God put this sex urge in me…so using point 1), maybe I need to wonder why & how I’m attracted to what I am. All that matters is the entire foundation of the future world, in terms of these sexual attractions actually creating life.

The Muslim man will argue “Oh! But I am respecting a woman’s brain by just focusing on her eyes & her thoughts!” But then why do you think so lowly of yourself as to not engage with an educated woman? (YES, I know I’m veering to just talking to the extremists here, which is akin to shooting at a man already on fire. What’s the point? Except he’s coming towards me…if he doesn’t get to the governmental palace first.)

The Christian man will argue “Sex is dirty & sinful & strictly from your loins…until the magical paper of marriage covers these vile private parts, & then you’re good.” No sir, I’m not good. You can’t destroy the biological urge every time it surfaces in me…& then expect me to treat it as a beautiful & sacred thing when I put a magical ring on.

It seems to me a real man will only respond to a true woman—intelligent, strong, sensual—because this is a challenge to us to become a better human. Maybe I’m naive to think that “Jersey Shore” types won’t always just be attracted to bimbos & boobs. I’m sure that’ll always exist. But if women had the currency of the world—innovation, power, & class—as their sexual current…maybe every man would know the energy of the marketplace has changed forever.

No matter what the male “god” had to say about it thousands of years ago.


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