Why is the Most Interesting Guitarist of His Generation Not a Professional Musician?

You realize the “Music Industry” is dead, yes?

Granted, attaching “music” to “INDUSTRY” might be seen as an abomination.  Can something beautifully & *purely* created then become a cookie-cut product? A dissemination of form & ethos, a shell of intention & artistry? Well, let’s examine, shall we…

One, what credible profession doesn’t have an orderly audition or interview process? Don’t give me “American Idol”. We are not talking selling 22 year old soap commercials between the soap commercials. We are talking the real grit of audible science…

Notice how The Great Rock Band died around the mid-90’s? “Rock” is supposed to be our ultimate rebellious form, our “little baby soul” of passion & rancor, our needed edge-push combining our basest instinct & our ultimate lift. Where are we? Is Ms. Gaga as far as we go now?

I Understand Ms. Gaga, but she is on record as saying her permutations & affectations are simply the ends of their means…to provoke, to titillate,  to *draw your attention*. She has undoubtedly succeeded. Now what is her platform, standing firm on her platform shoes…?

Pete Horn is a “white” gentleman who grew up in Japan. So he witnessed the “great cultural (r)evolution” of the early 90’s…of Pearl Jam & Gun ‘N Roses, of Metallica & Nirvana. Throw in some Chili Peppers, a D. Matthews, & a Cure or two, & this is a nice stew of “American Rock ‘n Roll”…except interpreted through a filter not coloured by fast-food, or commercials, or sitcoms, or any sort of Bush. This man lived & breathed the spirit behind what these fine artists were trying to bring to the world. & he decided his purpose was alchemy…even if his motives were to just play…

So as a guitarist, he developed the soloing of Frusciante, the moving chords of Marr(the development of melody within a “standard” chord), the picking of Hetfield…this man made the fretboard his lover, his muse, his confidant, his god, & his saviour.

But Pete Horn is not an insecure male model. He created life & love in 3-minute soliloquies, breathing into being an entirely new way to express sound. He wasn’t a self-publicist, with a manager for an agent & a record label up his ass. He heard sounds, he developed the skills to express them…& he went to bed, happy that the world made sense…@ least for one night…

In the mid-90’s, Corporate Rock went on a capitalistic tear, obeying the mantle of 90-day stock reports, bowing to dividend reports & the bottom line…ignoring Investment, Enrichment,  & the Feel of God, which in its righteous form is the definition of music. “Major-league” rock gave you yummy sound-bites to distract you from the fact that the goal of all media is to sell you a car, or a sprinkle-dusted corn-chip, or a lawyer for your DUI. The “Album as Symphony” will surely die…& Mr. Apple will give you convenience or another commercial. It really is your choice.

So the internet really did level another behemoth. Sick of cd tracks 4, 6, 8, 11, & 13 not being up to par(never mind the bird), people took a Napster & downloaded the Goodness. & the LCD(loquacious curmudgeon dictator)was priced out of his own racket…& parried back into the court of true opinion.

But the LCD will never die(religion, for one, won’t let it)…& now Pete Horn is stuck washing boats & earning tips, nobly. The Music Industry would try to kill The Smiths & Tool & Rush & Joy Division & the Chili Peppers, while still having the largess to promote them just in case. The industry(in ’77)will make you a god(on your 5th album)if you give them 90% of your wages & the ownership of your songs. But now this Industry doesn’t even have the funds to even TRY to make a “mistake”, a beautiful chance,  a true-blue stock, or just a good tune. What happens when the industry is torn asunder?

What happens when the man meant to shape the sound of joy is rendered a pariah? What happens when Music Television sells you hair gel & cheap sex between body lotions & sitcoms selling the 70’s…ironically, the time when the Industry had the perfect mix of sensible bottom line & a copious freedom & ease. Why is “the 70’s Show” on MTV right now? A sick joke inspired by a naive, better day. Maybe “True Life” will show us the sure of your jersey…& your team…


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