The End x’s What?

Ever notice how the world is ending?

2012. Revelation. Falling birds. I mean, this really is it, huh…

So, you know…come to my clan. Come join my cult(religion is just a cult that’s been grandfathered into acceptance, it seems). I’ll give you a coupon on the tithing fees, & we have a discount on repentance this week. Waddaya say? What, you want to go to hell?

Here’s what hell really is—being a respected female reporter for CBS, & being sexually assaulted by monster heathens in Cairo in the midst of the “freedom celebration”. Being so mindlessly tempted by the blow-up doll of the feminine form that you have to drape it in shawls, lest she “tempt you” into sexually assaulting her. & thinking all of the above has anything to do with god.

It seems the real gods of our planet are the almost noble & slightly insane males who dreamed up books, “scripture”, laws, & mores. What’s insane is that we think of these people—from Abraham to L. Ron—in the present tense. True, we do the same with famous scientists, but at least scientists were evolving the form of human thought…which is what god wanted all along(forgive me, my dear atheists…I like using “their” language to engage…& it’s something we’ve all thought about, or you wouldn’t even have taken the time to think that you’re an atheist).

The point today is actually a funny one(lest I get too rant-y “talking” to the insane & mundane)—every sect or belief system or political party are now whole-heartedly in the business of painting the future as bleak, awash in sin & destruction, & hurtling toward a cliff—unless you join “US”. “WE” have it figured out, “THEY” do not. It’s a shell game of fear-mongering & terror-throwing, & “We” have the only way to salvation. & you’re clearly gonna die if you don’t believe the way we do…

Beliefs govern actions. & when beliefs are based on fantasy, our reality suffers. & I would think government or god would obey reality as the 1st rule of existence…or else both become fantasy as well. Which come to think of it, has been the “reality” of our existence up to this point. Maybe we can do better.

& one has to wonder…if you’re so sure your beliefs are right…why are you trying so hard to add converts? “Strength in numbers”…when the numbers don’t add up?


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