The Right to Be Gay

Oh, gee, how provocative…

Today, the governor of Hawai’i signed a civil union act into law. Which just makes too much sense, when you realize it’s as close as we get to the Garden of Eden…& the original art of androgyny.

I heard an argument the other day from a religious scholar (an expert on religion I assume, not a pontificating prof) …& she said it could *easily* be interpreted that “God” created Eve from Adam as two sides to a whole, two sides always destined to co-mingle & swoon towards each other in a more perfect union.

Well what if someone is born just as perfect?

My theory as to the “why does gay exist in nature” question has always been a bit flippant, yet solidly reasoned (like most good minutiae, I reckon) —population control. If nature is always trying to perfect itself, & we are born of the elements of the planet—& if nature is also always trying to propagate—could it be discerned that nature developed a way to limit our drain on finite resources? I also read an article the other day (what the hell do I do in my free time?) saying that in 2054 or so, we’re going to barely recognize the planet, because there will be so many people clamouring over the same resources. The theory/lesson of the researchers/predictors was, as always, “population control”—in terms of birth control & safe sex.

(Uhoh, here we go…just give me a minute) —This is why the Catholic Church & other Christian organizations preaching strictly abstinence & non-contraception in Africa is the height of irresponsibility, in the midst of an AIDS (& often food) crisis. I mean, I love Mr. Bono & all, but the fact that he’s a Christian while holding the belief that AIDS in Africa is a bit of a problem just strikes me as curious. If the good book (& church doctrine) is GOD, then you HAVE to obey the whole damn thing, yes?

Which of course brings us back to our dear gay friends & (some) Republicans (& “God”. & god) —god gave us the ability to reason as our only element of survival…so you are *actively* betraying god when you do not think & exercise this ability to reason. & blindly adhering to a really, really old book then just doesn’t seem like the most godly of behaviour. The sheer fact that a decent number of “godly” preachers fornicate outside their marriage, “orientation”, & age class strikes me as a deafening avoidance of reality…which makes you truly wonder what they believe in.

Nature needs us to hold up our end of the bargain in this whole evolution deal. & right about now we need as much empathy, good love, & Thought as possible to deal with everything. Sure, if there is god DNA is everything—the cosmic dust of the starry heaven(s) is in us all & what we create—then it stands to belief (& reason) that any “holy book” is useful in the grand scheme too.  There will always be straight, there will always be gay, & there will probably always be religion. But as men & women understand each other more, while still understanding the core gender nature of their straight souls—& us straight souls understand the beauty & intense uniqueness of our gay brethren—maybe the religious among us can understand what all the fuss is about…& join god’s nature as It intended…


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