The Greatest Pleasure

I sometimes wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed because I’d gained some weight…or was too shy/”respectful”…or was just not smart or mature enough.

Now granted, “Blanket Theory” says that it’s all ok, & things worked out just fine, & there were a million (little fibers?) good things that came from all my “missed opportunities”. But sometimes I think it pays to step back, & look @ the (petri dish?) mosaic…& imagine what threads we can weave out of the shadings…

So turning the blanket over…what if I stop strictly obeying small pleasures? What if I stop obeying every whim, as if it’s some shallow rebellion against tide & time? What if I built a foundation for a palace of a temple in paradise?

Again, one of the things I seem to notice about the newest generation not being as naive as we were forced to be…is a sense that they just have more information, more tools to become productive earlier on. Really, a sense that they are young once & the time is now, & there’s no need for a quarter- or mid-life crisis if you’ve embraced the life in you & the potential of existence from the world Go. Some will argue that “kids nowadays” get inundated with info, & even disseminating the arts (songs, movies, books?) so quick & so thin has left out depth, nuance, tact, & detail. So albums, great movies, & novels are losing their weight as our devices to devour them get smaller. But @ least all of the information is there, in ready form, smarter & more vast than ever. I’ll take that trade-off, & hope for the best.

But the rest of us can only throw off the prisons, frames, & hat emporiums our semi-naive ancestors burdened us with—the ancient ways to deal with the world were their “gifts” to us to help us “survive”…there was no “thriving” in the contract—acting in a world that has itself figured out better than ever. You are no longer defined by age, religion, skin colour, country¬†affiliation, or baldness. You can just be yourself…& then you can improve that person every single day…

Because now that I know that small pleasures sometimes have big prices down the road—& the deeper, richer pleasures tend to grow slowly, strongly, & have sweeter fruit & better views—I think I know which way I want to turn. I’m heading towards my own garden, & I’m gonna plant better nerves…stronger (& more flexible) vertebrae…thicker skin, & sharper eyes. Yes, “everything in moderation”, because god is in everything…but I want the more evolved version of god—I want to be a modern human.

I’m going home to create it…


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