The Root of the Problem

Just to get your mind off trying to decide which cult/comet to join/ride to get the hell out of here…  ;o)

How many Hollywood actors are bald would you say? Ed Harris? Bruce(finally)Willis? Um…J.K. Simmons(who?)?

The fact is, just like everybody else, about half of them are bald or balding. & who the hell cares?

I just find it fascinating that we look up to Hollywood stars as the paragons of human behaviour & totems to strive for…yet, they’re all trying so hard to be this as to become unbecoming.

What is the typical female instinct(or learned trait)when they see a bald, balding, or guy with bald spot? Maybe a little giggle, not much of a second glance, & some moving on. & I think, just like weight & wrinkles in females, we’ve been conditioned to expect a certain Adonis/Samson-ite trait of hair as virility & masculinity. I mean, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, & even Tom Hanks weren’t or aren’t bald, right?

Wrong…Bogie, the Duke, & the Chairman all were pieces…Brando probably lost most of his hair in the late 60’s, & that’s at least a transplant/wig going on with Hanks. Heck, 3 of the guys in Metallica lost most of their hair, unofficially. Who knew? & who cares?

Well, if the image is continually put out there that the heroes of our escapist morality plays all have craniums of flowing locks(god-bless Clooney, Pitt, & Depp)…what does this instill in our expectations?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter, especially in a world with a million other more important things. & everybody gets more “realistic” with their expectations the older they get. But I just find it disconcerting that fantasy creeps into reality on a fairly deep level…because while we may realize what we’re seeing on the screen isn’t inherently real—on some level, the wool…or wig…keeps getting pulled over our eyes. Sure, we see the reality everyday, & we “accept” that our man is losing his hair…but even the smartest women among us still sorta wish their guy had more hair. Gee, I wonder why.

But hey…maybe some men deserve it for demanding the other side fill out their bras, come hell or elective surgery…


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