The King of Titles

The writer of none…

Is Elvis a legend? If so, why?

Do you know Elvis didn’t write any of his songs? Neither did Sinatra. Do you know Madonna didn’t write her music?

To me, in the music realm…if you’re going to be worshiped, respected, & worthy of admiration, I would think the creation of the music would be the key ingredient. If Elvis didn’t have the help of various songwriters, he would just a be a good looking kid with a couple moves & a decent voice…while sweeping the floors of the local high school.

Now, that’s not to besmirch the key time Elvis came along, in terms of a certain liberation of the populace, right when we needed it(i.e., he was “brave” enough to put a white face on black expression). Elvis is hugely important. Just hugely & obviously overrated.

Maybe this dovetails into this question—what other art expects the artist to perform what they’ve created? (Well, art itself, I guess.) Writers don’t recite their work…no, they let Clooney, Pitt, & Depp do that—& then watch as the populace essentially believes their stars think up the grandiose words they say(only in the realm of the newer comedies is this somewhat true…as improv is the new gold standard of value there).

Even in reality T.V. land—sometimes these people have lines or scenarios scripted for them…but they’re cheaper than a good actor. At least rappers write their own verse…while the music is pilfered from past writers, otherwise known as “sampling”.

I’m just confused at a world that worships a star as a generator of light & a purveyor of inspiration…when most stars have their light pumped inside them, creating nothing but heat.

When we have a system that only artists can be stars…wake me up, so I can dream a little…


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