The Truth Is In the Balance

It’s amazing to me, in an existence where time is finite…that we waste time being angry.

How many times, in service of your pride, do you stomp away angry, & then stay that way for a while (on “principle”). Doesn’t it almost always get worked out? Doesn’t the truth always arrive somewhere in the middle of this push & pull?

Forgive me for my simplistics (thank you Occam), but too many times now, I’ve seen—if we just take 5 minutes, & suss out the evidence of the “warring” parties involved, & examine everyone’s point—there still may be hurt feelings, bruised egos, & split lip service…but at least a calm rationality has a chance of  winning. If you’ve spent any time on this planet (& I’m assuming you have), you probably have a decently developed sense of reason. It’s really the only thing keeping you alive (other than your unemployment checks), & it’s pretty unforgiving, in terms of evidence. Everybody on this planet tends to think they’re right most of the time…but growth comes from when we see if we are or not.

& growth especially comes from when we’re wrong. Even if it’s only a little bit.

You’re probably gonna die tomorrow, or in 30 years. Do you really want the patina of your ego to be the last thing people remember you by? It’s ironic that pride is supposed to protect us, & be our backbone…when too often it just gets in the way of a reasonable strength. Some people go their whole lives angry at their “luck”, or their lot, or their little. Existence isn’t unfair to you…but it is fair to what’s true. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

So I say slow down a bit, & look exactly at the facts. Lovers can become enemies, but enemies can become respectful. It’s ironic how little we dwell if someone owns up to a “mistake”. But pride is weak when it’s the only thing left standing…


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