Figuring Out the Equation

When science, proof, & logic are the dominant forces in the world in 2011…why do we still fight?

If you have a belief, that’s good, & that’s fine…& in fact, that’ll often be the fuel to propel yourself to greatness (yet, beliefs also fuel people to insane acts of violence against mankind). But to me, it seems as if the human race just about has most of this existence figured out.

Never before have we been so wise, or have accrued such knowledge. If something’s wrong, be it inside our brains or our bodies, we usually have a pretty quick way to figure out why. In the realm of politics & finance, over & over now, we see what generally works, & what doesn’t. The next generation, theoretically, can be the smartest humans this world has ever known.

Maybe we’re still such tribalistic hunter & gatherers, that we still cast an antagonistic eye towards our fellow man. If your bank account is bigger than mine, then maybe my god is bigger than yours…etc. The religious “god” helped civilize this world, there is no doubt. It also held us back in a myriad of ways…& really still does. But what replaced our traditional god? Well, if it’s not going to be your sense of reason & learning…it was probably the god of government. Either way, it’s still the Head of your Tribe. Instead of the head of you.

The simple fact is that our brains are so powerful, we’ve allowed them to create gods, governments, countries, nukes, & computers. Yet only this last one, inarguably our greatest invention yet, seems to truly be bringing us all together with a sense of truth & evidence in the middle. Our minds think god is talking to us, comforting us—our minds think the system of politics we believe in should be the ruling one—our minds think our country is right, & the One to fight for—& our minds have unleashed the power of the sun in a sphere with a point & directional capabilities. But none of these combine human brainpower & the logic of nature like the ability of a computer to connect us all through logic. We now have thousands of years of history to review, & distill down to what simply works, & what simply does not. Evidence is more readily available than ever…if we can look outside our monitor of belief. In the semi-anonymous free-form world of the internet, we can spout opinions,  clarifying our beliefs, & hope to sway others to our way of thinking (your own personal tribe). But you & your god, political party, flag, & gun actually do not win. We’re all eventually going in the same compost heap. The same reason that allows you to survive everyday has to question your god & your country. This is a good thing, & allows us to grow.

But we act as if the world is a mystery, & our belief system has the key to solve it. Which is truly mystifying.

But that’s just my opinion, I guess. Or do I know?


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