Fit to Be Free.

You realize you’re living in a simulation, right?

You go to a job instead of hunting. You trade money instead of taking. & you pay rent or a mortgage instead of just settling wherever the hell you please.

So it’s ironic that in an age where life is easier than ever…that we sometimes forget to simulate for our health.

I notice so many people, kids especially, are just enjoying all of our technological advances…advances that allow us to communicate instantly, or to get lost in a video game virtual world, or surf the internet all day, gleaning knowledge.

But we forget that our bodies need to stay on our “simulation of nature” path. & if you’re hunting & gathering for food & shelter, there’s no way you ever get out of shape.

So yes, in a way this simulation is faking reality…but by often improving upon it. But reality tends to catch up to cheaters…& as our healthcare costs spiral out of control, obviously we’re cheating the biggest reality of all—our bodies.

& since we don’t have to hunt for our food anymore…another reality is getting lost—the reward system & stress blow-out of physical exertion. I wonder how much stress we’re all carrying around, & eventually it has to come out…but since we’re laying around in our technical paradise, this pent-up energy is gonna come out in some mighty weird ways.

We are part of nature, & the modern world apes nature in almost every way—except nature is never weak. Our brains have allowed us to become weak. Survival of the fittest might actually come true…


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