The Cathedral in the Bedroom

Why are there no mainstream female Gods? Why are there no real female prophets, priests, or sacred heroines?

Sure, there was Mary, who was actually superhuman I guess, with the virgin birth and all. Religion will teach you that virginity is the only way a god can be born, especially since all the pleasure and utilitarianism of sex doesn’t have a place at the alter.

Can it be that all the religious texts were written by men? If you were an ancient man, and you were 1)trying to figure out your surroundings and existence itself, and 2)trying to run shit organize a civilization…wouldn’t you craft the Big Kahuna in the same gender you were?

Now, what if a woman’s natural attractive aura drove you naturally wild, and this power over you angered your fragile, tiny ego? What if you haven’t figured out that maybe the best people will come from a better sexual union…and/or, you don’t have the game or the brains to attract a real woman? Would you then deem this feminine sexual power evil, and do it in your new Big God Voice?

I guess I’m just sick of traditional religious mores pretending to be god, and worse, pretending that women are second class. To me, this led to a few things, like our ancestors marrying just to have sex, and the subsequent marriage/offspring being inferior to a more considered union. Oh, and prurient outlets like simple T & A displays where what the woman is and stands for is subsumed by what she isn’t and how she lays. I’ve always said that condemning sex just buries it deeper into “dirty”land, and then even the best amongst us get tricked to hide what’s naturally sexy.

I’m just curious of a world that honours sex with the respect we give to something that creates new life. I’m just not sure you’re a real man if you just fuck, & I’m not sure you’re a true woman if you just care about how attractive the mounds of fat above your heart are.

So like usual, ladies…I guess the pressure is on you, *and* you have to clean up our mess (just this one last time). If you’re kicking ass and living up to the creation engine that you naturally are, not only will you assume your rightful place of worship (Yahweh and Allah need a shave & a hot shower, they haven’t been attractive for years), but then the whole man race will have to pick up their game to even remotely attract you. But if you think about it, just be your goddamn self. This whole thing is built for you to inspire. And if you’re simply emanating your natural, strong, limitless selves in your everyday adventures, eventually men have to follow. And maybe then they’d be man enough to occassionally lead.

I think the theme of this blog is we’re getting smarter, if you’re not, get out of the way. And as we treat sex not as some forbidden, empty vat of candy, as we’re waiting longer to find a better life partner, and as we grow our self respect individually to the point that our sexual act is our ultimate expression of our love of self, our love for our partner, & fuck, our love of god (or nature, or the universe, or…), maybe this ‘lil rock will get populated with a better species. With overpopulation, we certainly don’t have to procreate any more, but just like with satellites, wi-fi, & stem cells—what if we create like the gods we are.




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