Borders Going Out of Business

The internet is the new government, the new library, the new mall, and the new church.

Never before have humans had such a leveling-yet rising-communicable entity. It’s begat the Arab Spring, a multi-racial president, a new music business model (though I use “business” lightly), and the eradication of the overcostly university system (I may be dreaming on that one).

It’s funny, back in the 2000 American presidential election, I had this “noble” (or more accurately, “pious”) idea that I was going to boycott elections, because I didn’t believe in the concept of “country”. To me, countries are simply grown-up tribes, and it seemed the inevitable consequences of the tribe was to repress the dissenters in their midst, and attack the tribes around them. It’s brazenly ironic that that’s the election where we essentially started repressing *our* dissenters & attacking ourselves with our cute little internal tribes. Was I wrong to not vote? Probably. Did I have a point? Maybe. Did the electoral college make less sense than ever? Definitely.

But some of our brethren in the Middle East would’ve given anything to have had the very option to vote that night. The Arab Spring (or Awakening) has at its heart a (if necessary) dying need to be heard. To feel as if two money-backed, semi-corrupt candidates are better than just one, and to move on and up from there. And it’s damn intriguing to wonder what the social environment would’ve been on that November night in 2000 if Facebook and Twitter were littering the land (and growing the soil?)

It’s the same concept on the job front, for better or worse, for here & forever: no longer is the job market or a robust economy limited to our little tribe. And to be a bright-sider, maybe the job that would’ve been ultimately tedious for you is a boon for someone in India. Maybe we just have to be smarter to create better opportunities for ourselves. Americans love sports, with its heart of healthy competition, so how is a global job market that much different?

The point ultimately is, the human brain is more connected than ever. I think we often forget we all have the same neurons, the same limbs, the same blood. Now, we have the same internet connections, the same places to place our profiles, the same need to be understood. The youth in the Middle East has learned that not all westerners are immoral heathens strictly concerned with consumption. We’ve learned that not all Arabs and Persians are eager for death & limited ancient thoughts. And we all seem to be learning that you are not your country, you are not your religion, you are not your parent’s thoughts, and you are not your job (or even the job you lost). The world is watching, and the world is interested. And there really is only one tribe.

But if we both see reason…we both see god…”


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