Borders Going Out of Business

The internet is the new government, the new library, the new mall, and the new church.

Never before have humans had such a leveling-yet rising-communicable entity. It’s begat the Arab Spring, a multi-racial president, a new music business model (though I use “business” lightly), and the eradication of the overcostly university system (I may be dreaming on that one).

It’s funny, back in the 2000 American presidential election, I had this “noble” (or more accurately, “pious”) idea that I was going to boycott elections, because I didn’t believe in the concept of “country”. To me, countries are simply grown-up tribes, and it seemed the inevitable consequences of the tribe was to repress the dissenters in their midst, and attack the tribes around them. It’s brazenly ironic that that’s the election where we essentially started repressing *our* dissenters & attacking ourselves with our cute little internal tribes. Was I wrong to not vote? Probably. Did I have a point? Maybe. Did the electoral college make less sense than ever? Definitely.

But some of our brethren in the Middle East would’ve given anything to have had the very option to vote that night. The Arab Spring (or Awakening) has at its heart a (if necessary) dying need to be heard. To feel as if two money-backed, semi-corrupt candidates are better than just one, and to move on and up from there. And it’s damn intriguing to wonder what the social environment would’ve been on that November night in 2000 if Facebook and Twitter were littering the land (and growing the soil?)

It’s the same concept on the job front, for better or worse, for here & forever: no longer is the job market or a robust economy limited to our little tribe. And to be a bright-sider, maybe the job that would’ve been ultimately tedious for you is a boon for someone in India. Maybe we just have to be smarter to create better opportunities for ourselves. Americans love sports, with its heart of healthy competition, so how is a global job market that much different?

The point ultimately is, the human brain is more connected than ever. I think we often forget we all have the same neurons, the same limbs, the same blood. Now, we have the same internet connections, the same places to place our profiles, the same need to be understood. The youth in the Middle East has learned that not all westerners are immoral heathens strictly concerned with consumption. We’ve learned that not all Arabs and Persians are eager for death & limited ancient thoughts. And we all seem to be learning that you are not your country, you are not your religion, you are not your parent’s thoughts, and you are not your job (or even the job you lost). The world is watching, and the world is interested. And there really is only one tribe.

But if we both see reason…we both see god…”


Would You Like to Buy Your Judge, Jury, & Executioner?

If money is free speech…why does it cost so much for a candidate to talk?

Why can someone who can set the rules be bought?

The Supreme Court recently ruled that money is free speech, in regards to campaign contributions. The question that needs to be brought to the court is…why are campaign contributions legal?

How can an entity regulate the very industries that sponsored it? In a land that prides itself on the separation of church & state…why do we not frown on the co-mingling of government & money?

It’s truly the height of irony that we’re holding ourselves up as the beacon of democracy to the Middle East—yet we openly allow legal bribes in the guise of campaign contributions.

Granted, reading “Game Change”, the fascinating book describing the 2008 presidential race, it became clear that Barack Obama was a much better manager & leader than either Hillary Clinton or John McCain. Obama’s cool, smart decisions regarding the finances & strategies of his campaign dwarfed the wayward & discombobulated ways Hilary & McCain ran their organizations. So did this test mean Obama would be the better president & leader? I would’ve said yes, & sorry, the jury is still out on whether Obama will end up an effective president(directed @ my dear reactionary conservatives).

But it could be argued that effectively running a business in the real world is a much, much better arbiter of someone’s management skills & leadership abilities. George W. Bush ran the most “effective” campaign twice, assembling a veritable ton of money in the process…yet he ran every business he tried in the real world into the ground, & it’s fairly inarguable that he ran this country so far into the ground that poor Obama is still digging out from the wreckage(& yes, people essentially thought Obama was a superhero who would “solve” everything in two months, much less two years….a sad & tragic thought process).

& I somehow suspect that the big money that went towards Bush were from people who looked @ him, heard about him behind closed doors, & knew he could be controlled.

So what am I saying here? I think it’s fairly simple—stop running campaigns like a big business, & start running government more like one.

Hey, here’s but one idea…no more going into debt (devaluing our currency, & ultimately making us vulnerable) for wars we can’t win anyway—against Communism spreading back in the day, because Communism was always going to defeat itself eventually…& now against the spreading of radical Islam, because dropping bombs & sending in troops is not exactly the way to inspire the hearts & minds of the people in the street. We have the technology & capabilities to pick off the leadership of the true scumbags who mean innocent people harm. Oh, & we have the Bomb. The last trump card…but it’s really trump card one.

As for campaigns—why can we not run simple ads/columns every Sunday in the papers & on key news websites during the (shortened) campaign season. The candidates’ positions get clearly & rationally articulated, & these “ads” will be directed @ the more thoughtful & educated voter, as opposed to strategically stupid simple sound bites that gum up the intellectual discourse & thought process of most voters.  There is no legitimate reason why Wall St. & huge corporations should be allowed to essentially buy candidates.

& there is no reason why it is legal. Well, other than the fact that the people setting the rules keep allowing it to happen. & to truly understand the people who are writing the rules & setting the regulations, I want a new rule—any congressman who appears on T.V., in addition to listing what state he represents…must have his top 3 corporate campaign sponsors listed as well.

& maybe eventually big business will see it as dumb business to keep throwing money @ campaigns. Money is supposed to be the dispassionate yet honest exchange agent representing reality. What dreams or nightmares may come…

…when reality’s will arrives.

The Cathedral in the Bedroom

Why are there no mainstream female Gods? Why are there no real female prophets, priests, or sacred heroines?

Sure, there was Mary, who was actually superhuman I guess, with the virgin birth and all. Religion will teach you that virginity is the only way a god can be born, especially since all the pleasure and utilitarianism of sex doesn’t have a place at the alter.

Can it be that all the religious texts were written by men? If you were an ancient man, and you were 1)trying to figure out your surroundings and existence itself, and 2)trying to run shit organize a civilization…wouldn’t you craft the Big Kahuna in the same gender you were?

Now, what if a woman’s natural attractive aura drove you naturally wild, and this power over you angered your fragile, tiny ego? What if you haven’t figured out that maybe the best people will come from a better sexual union…and/or, you don’t have the game or the brains to attract a real woman? Would you then deem this feminine sexual power evil, and do it in your new Big God Voice?

I guess I’m just sick of traditional religious mores pretending to be god, and worse, pretending that women are second class. To me, this led to a few things, like our ancestors marrying just to have sex, and the subsequent marriage/offspring being inferior to a more considered union. Oh, and prurient outlets like simple T & A displays where what the woman is and stands for is subsumed by what she isn’t and how she lays. I’ve always said that condemning sex just buries it deeper into “dirty”land, and then even the best amongst us get tricked to hide what’s naturally sexy.

I’m just curious of a world that honours sex with the respect we give to something that creates new life. I’m just not sure you’re a real man if you just fuck, & I’m not sure you’re a true woman if you just care about how attractive the mounds of fat above your heart are.

So like usual, ladies…I guess the pressure is on you, *and* you have to clean up our mess (just this one last time). If you’re kicking ass and living up to the creation engine that you naturally are, not only will you assume your rightful place of worship (Yahweh and Allah need a shave & a hot shower, they haven’t been attractive for years), but then the whole man race will have to pick up their game to even remotely attract you. But if you think about it, just be your goddamn self. This whole thing is built for you to inspire. And if you’re simply emanating your natural, strong, limitless selves in your everyday adventures, eventually men have to follow. And maybe then they’d be man enough to occassionally lead.

I think the theme of this blog is we’re getting smarter, if you’re not, get out of the way. And as we treat sex not as some forbidden, empty vat of candy, as we’re waiting longer to find a better life partner, and as we grow our self respect individually to the point that our sexual act is our ultimate expression of our love of self, our love for our partner, & fuck, our love of god (or nature, or the universe, or…), maybe this ‘lil rock will get populated with a better species. With overpopulation, we certainly don’t have to procreate any more, but just like with satellites, wi-fi, & stem cells—what if we create like the gods we are.



Fit to Be Free.

You realize you’re living in a simulation, right?

You go to a job instead of hunting. You trade money instead of taking. & you pay rent or a mortgage instead of just settling wherever the hell you please.

So it’s ironic that in an age where life is easier than ever…that we sometimes forget to simulate for our health.

I notice so many people, kids especially, are just enjoying all of our technological advances…advances that allow us to communicate instantly, or to get lost in a video game virtual world, or surf the internet all day, gleaning knowledge.

But we forget that our bodies need to stay on our “simulation of nature” path. & if you’re hunting & gathering for food & shelter, there’s no way you ever get out of shape.

So yes, in a way this simulation is faking reality…but by often improving upon it. But reality tends to catch up to cheaters…& as our healthcare costs spiral out of control, obviously we’re cheating the biggest reality of all—our bodies.

& since we don’t have to hunt for our food anymore…another reality is getting lost—the reward system & stress blow-out of physical exertion. I wonder how much stress we’re all carrying around, & eventually it has to come out…but since we’re laying around in our technical paradise, this pent-up energy is gonna come out in some mighty weird ways.

We are part of nature, & the modern world apes nature in almost every way—except nature is never weak. Our brains have allowed us to become weak. Survival of the fittest might actually come true…

Music For Film For Real

As we move towards being born with white cords coming out of our ears, I wonder—has listening to our music easier made our music too easy?

Music used to have to be earned—you’d have to actually leave your house to go to a concert hall, just to hear the newest concerto performed. Eventually phonograph & vinyl came into play, & brought music into the home. The intimacy of cozying up to your speakers & investing time into letting  a new music piece wash over you became a sort of ritual. *I am going to sit HERE & take in ALL of this work.* It truly became an exchange between artist & listener, & both parties trusted the other to fulfill their end of the bargain…even though that bargain was the only thing  for sale.

Nowadays, we can pack a million songs into a tic-tac, & access sounds & expressions to our whims. Music in the past often seemed to mirror our struggle & journey as humans. To me, a clean, portable listening device would seem to almost dictate a clean, portable listening experience in the music itself. No way does 60’s & 70’s rock & roll take off on an ipod. If the very vibe of an ipod is living ease & a certain conquering of all that effort to invest in an artist…will music become as light the mode it’s played in?

Since I’ve gotten my ipod (yes, 3 months ago…yes, I was late with cds & cell phones too), I find myself veering towards move groove-oriented music. I’m “lucky” enough to have a job that allows me to listen to the ipod all day, but I since I have to do somewhat tedious & mind-numbing work…a good, light groove seems to often be in order (though, buffeted by intelligent podcasts). & is the drive home truly enough time to really dive into the crux of an album? Sure, since I’m old, I know about the classics, be it symphonies or the 70’s…but if I was a 13 year old kid, & I only listened to music on the way to my next thing—is a simple dance or rap song more in order? & how does that order my 13 year old brain cells?

The sheer fact that the entirety of recorded music is just ready & available @ any time is goddamn brilliant. But with no real money going towards investment of mass scale art in music (because this portable utopia also is often illegal & free)…is meaningful music going the way of the record player?

Maybe with information so readily available, as well as humans getting smarter about human relationships, we don’t need an artist to “instruct” us, or even inspire us as often. Small, complex indie movie dramas also seem to be getting crowded out by superhero tales, with simple, righteous morals & clearly delineated characters. The modern world seems be a cacophony, & global events seem to be getting more complicated by the day—so maybe a fun, tasty groove, or an eye-bending movie journey is the medicine for a growing brain that has to deal with it all.

Hopefully the brilliant ease of enveloping mp3s, 3d, & video games…doesn’t just make us soft all around.

Sweet Nothing

Since we are all learning creatures, whether we realize it or not, I sometimes wonder how much of our lovelife is dictated by love stories?

Nowadays, love stories are often in the guise of romantic comedies or maudlin dramas. The idea to meet “the one”, have a whirlwind courtship, get married, & live happily never divorced seems as if it is biblical in both its acceptance as gospel…& in its fealty to nonsense.

I’m not saying this path can’t be courted, seduced, & lived, but how many divorces do we have to bear before we realize that true love (or more accurately, a working love) simply has to be smarter by its very definition. Because the obvious sequel to the love story is the children’s tale, & the same axiom applies here as in religion—we cannot allow immaturity to raise our youth, be it playwright or pastor.

I’m glad people are waiting longer till they at least attempt a lasting partnership, be it legal or otherwise. This can only add experience, depth, wisdom, and maybe even a better understanding of what love actually is. Too often our grand love tales are crafted by jilted, wistfully lonely writers expressing how they wish their love lives turned out. This acceptance and propping up of unreality then gets filtered through the culture until fantasy is acceptable as the realistic goal. It’s quite possible now that most of life is generally figured out, including the prices & pleasures of sex, commitment, & even gender relations, yet our sappy love tales seem be restricted to doe-eyed teens falling in love with pale, sparkling guys who refuse to feed on you and give you eternal life (or tick-ridden werepuppies who have to and probably should be taken out). The twilight of a genre indeed.

The fairytale was always a bit of a fraud. Nowadays we know the prince is going bald, the princess is seemingly becoming anorexic, the future king is a divorcee, and that king doesn’t actually officially rule anything. A writer is king of his world, yet sometimes he presents it to us as  simple past fact, or something to actually grab in the future. But more and more we’re learning that sex isn’t cheap, but it also isn’t naughty. Love takes a little work, but the smarter we work the easier this love will make our life. And then maybe the children we write in real life will become little screenplays that actually work in 3D, sans the myopic glasses.

Music To End the Apocalypse To

Is there such thing as tragedy? & do you have to worry about death?

I sometimes wonder if this whole damn thing is a test. I heard some intelligent souls bandying about yesterday about different dimensions, & if this dimension is simply “middle school” in the grand class of existence (thank you Mr. Sparks & Mr. Rogan). This thought dovetailed nicely into something I’ve noticed for a few years now—some truly special souls sometimes seem to leave us awfully early.

In my mind, there’s always been a certain purity of existence worth tapping into. My biggest problem to date has been allowing myself to be frustrated with all the “imperfections” in god & in man, & allowing myself to either get caught up in railing against such “injustices”…or simply shutting down, & refusing to participate in such a dirty & ugly world.

2 years ago, I was right in the middle of working manual labour in oppressive summer heat—a job I only took because my “brain” would be saved for less earthly, more arty pleasures & pursuits—when it occurred to me…”Everything is God”. If Creation DNA is literally in every single thing in existence, well then…there can never be true evil, nor waste, nor sin, nor strife. & this is nicely buffered with the fact that nature—the “god DNA”—is always looking to improve itself. So YES when we see something we perceive as evil, we can act as the agents of nature & try to direct it towards its more correctly productive path. But in the end, we do have a limit to our control, & the ultimate wisdom seems to me trusting & knowing that Nature (god, if you like) will absorb & absolve everything in the end.

So while early death seems the most senseless & tragic of all human experience, I sometimes wonder if that soul got a reward—they exhibited a certain purity of spirit, & the *gods that be* determined that their energy & experience were wasted on such “middle school” pursuits. If anything, this thought salves a certain apprehension of death, as if you’re still plugging away for your own reward, & that’s the only reason you’re alive.

Of course, since we’re not allowed to know if any of the above is true, we also have to obey the seeming finiteness of it All. More & more, I see the two main American political parties almost have it right—liberals see the finiteness, & want to bend & shape existence into something according to their brain power (playing God, as it were)…while conservatives want to let markets & free will shape our experience (while trusting the Fairytale God of their ancient books). Both philosophies have a fatal flaw…not trusting in the wisdom of the universe (i.e., you can’t overplay God, & you can’t just obey the old plays of “God”). “Coincidence” & “chance” might just be broad paint strokes in the grand mosaic, just like “tragic death” & “bad luck”.

More & more, the most obvious thought seems to be to create & exhibit positive energy (energy, the very currency of existence)…& then rest peacefully, knowing you haven’t earned your reward yet. This is why suicide bombers who take innocent lives probably don’t get their reward, because they betray two of the main pillars—reason (believing in a faith that doesn’t make much sense), & good will.

Failure, memory, regret, moods, & hate don’t actually exist. Our nerves, our firing synapses, & death are the only things with any sort of reality. So control what is in your grasp…& then bear witness to the logic unfolding in front of you. There’s an order to the chaos…even in what order we seem to leave here…